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Imagine your very own backyard paradise. Colorful flower beds, a fully manicured lawn, a vegetable garden, maybe even some fruit trees! If you love plants, gardens and beautiful lawns then this is the place for you. At Organic Gardening Success, we share tips, ideas and even specific how to information on planting, requirements, soil conditions, lighting and more.


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 The Earth Laughs In Flowers – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Some roses we grew from cuttings

 How To Start A Garden



Determine What Plants Are Most Likely To Grow In Your Area

grow zone map

If you live outside North America

You can roughly translate the USDA hardiness zones by finding out how low your area’s temperatures can reach, and then use the chart below to find your corresponding zone.

Zone 1: below -46 C (below -50 F)
Zone 2: -46 to -40 C (-50 to -40 F)
Zone 3: -40 to -34 C (-40 to -30 F)
Zone 4: -34 to -29 C (-30 to -20 F)
Zone 5: -29 to -23 C (-20 to -10 F)
Zone 6: -23 to -18 C (-10 to 0 F)
Zone 7: -18 to -12 C (0 to 10 F)
Zone 8: -12 to -7 C (10 to 20 F)
Zone 9: -7 to -1 C (20 to 30 F)
Zone 10: -1 to 4 C (30 to 40 F)
Zone 11: above 4 C (above 40 F)

Here Is A Sample Of What You Can Find In The Blog

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Organic Gardening Compost:  If your like working in your yard, then chances are good that you have what you need to be successful at making your own compost. A few items that you need are read more ……..

Herbs And Spices: Fruits and vegetables often come to mind when talking about healthy foods. Herbs are often overlooked but are just as essential to a healthy diet and offer many read more …….

Organic Sources Of Nitrogen: Nitrogen is critical for plant growth. It is an important part of chlorophyll. When leaves contain enough nitrogen, read more……

Cold Frame Gardening: Cold frame gardening is a great and easy way to start your garden early or even extend you growing season. Since nobody can read more ……

Permaculture Principles To Grow More Food With Less Effort And Small Space


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